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Harlequin Style (FE-03)

Eye-catching colors of nature molded into a stylish display of fashion, this three piece apparel is draped in the fineness of pastel colors and magnificent embroidery bordering the Daaman, sleeves, neckline of the shirt, Dupatta, and bottom of trouser.


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-Embroidered Front with Daman border and Neck-Line direct on Brotia Jacquard Fabric.
-Embroidered Daman border in Back (Jacquard Brotia Fabric)
-Sleeves Fabric
-Sleeves Embroidered Cuff on Tissue
-Bamber Chiffon Embroidered Dupatta
-Raw Silk Trouser
-Trouser Embroidered border on Tissue.

Weight .5 kg
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